From: ROKA Teams Support <>
Date: January 24, 2018 at 4:30:05 PM EST
Subject: IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Exciting Steel Valley Tri Club Sponsorship Update for 2018


We’re very excited to introduce a new sponsorship experience for our ROKA Teams! Please read below in detail – there is important info you’ll need to forward to your athletes for them to unlock their benefits.

From now on, Steel Valley Tri Club athletes will automatically receive all special pricing and offers simply by logging in to their accounts. There’s a one-time step that each athlete must take to activate this system, and after that they won’t need to do anything except log in for the rest of 2018.

Here’s how to activate:

  1. Create an account at (Or log in to an existing account if you already have one.)
  3. Enter your “team handle” and “team passcode”, and submit. The handle and passcode for Steel Valley Tri Club athletes are listed below. YOU NEED TO SHARE THEM WITH YOUR ATHLETES – they won’t be able to activate unless they get these from you!
    • Team handle: SteelVal (not case sensitive)
    • Team passcode: 2771
  4. You’ll see a confirmation message showing that you’re registered. Now you’re done – go get what you need to find faster this year!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you activate, your team prices will only show up once you begin checkout. We know this could be a little confusing and will work on improving it, but for now, rest assured that you’ll get your special pricing – just not until checkout.

Once activated, this new system will auto-populate all team pricing any time you’re logged in – i.e. year-round discounts, special “kickers” for promotions, etc. – alleviating the hassle of searching through old emails or sticky notes in your junk drawer to locate those four discount codes you got nine months ago.

Two other cool things to go along with this:

  1. We’re also making another change for the better in 2018. From now on, your base discount rate of 25% will be consistent across all products (i.e. we’ll no longer hold out certain products at a lesser discount). For example, if your team is eligible for discounts on sunglassesswim products, and tri apparel, you’ll see a 25% discount on all products – rather than different percentages for different categories.
  2. Let’s kick this off with an extra special offer! We’re currently running a closeout on 2017 gear to make way for our 2018 models. For the public, we’re offering 40% off of 2017 Maverick WetsuitsViper Swimskins, and SIM Shorts, and 50% off Gen I Tri Race Apparel. We’re kicking it to 50% off all those products for Steel Valley Tri Club athletes. Fair warning that sizes are pretty limited, but if we’ve got your size still, you can score big.

That’s about it – let us know what you think. A lot of you have expressed the desire to do away with discount codes, so our team worked hard to get this set up, and we think it should make your ROKA experience a lot easier!

We’re eager to help with any questions, as we do understand that this is a new system. Just email or call +1 (877) 985-7652 any time Mon-Fri 8am-8pm CST and let us know you’re with Steel Valley Tri Club.

ROKA Teams Support

P.S. – We have you listed as a ROKA sponsorship coordinator for 2018. If this responsibility needs to be transfered to someone else, please let us know.