– What is SVTC? –

The Steel Valley Triathlon Club (SVTC) is an organized, non-profit group, interested in the development of triathlon and multisport disciplines in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our goals are to provide training information and opportunities to our members, also to increase the number and the quality of racing options in our area. The SVTC strives to provide a fun, healthy, and social atmosphere for members to pursue their individual development and achievements in the sport of triathlon. The Steel Valley Triathlon Club truly represents a diverse group, with all manner of age, interest, ability, and experience, welcomed and valued equally.

– Our History –

The SVTC, formerly the Youngstown YMCA Tri Club, started in December 2004 when Boardman, Ohio’s Davis YMCA realized there was a demand and need for information and training on the fast growing sport of triathlon. The six week triathlon class titled, “Youngstown YMCA Tri Club”, quickly became popular and with over fifty enrollees, the triathlon class continued with two additional six week sections for a total of eighteen weeks, which ran from mid January through mid May. The classes were comprised of coached group swim, bike, and run workouts in addition to other related information such as; swim stroke analysis, general bike maintenance/repair, open water swims, transitions, and nutrition.

As the three 6-week class sections came to an end, an unexpected formation of class participants continued their workouts together through the summer and into the following winter triathlon class. New friendships developed, members traveled together to races, shared experiences, and through it all supported each other.

In the fall of 2006 after the second successful year of triathlon classes and race season, the decision from within a core group of members was made to expand from the triathlon class to an official club outside the YMCA umbrella. The formation of the club allowed us to branch out and include individuals and families from all surrounding areas otherwise would have been left out.

As we, the Steel Valley Triathlon Club expands; much care will be taken to maintain the encouraging and intimate atmosphere that was instrumental to the success of the former class. Our hope is that triathletes and aspiring triathletes in many smaller communities in Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, as well as the greater Youngstown area will come together in pursuit of our mission.